What's on Tap

Tap list changes often 


And we can now fill Growlers!

Chucktown Brown             

Brown ale - ABV 6.2% 

Truly a favorite, with the perfect amount of roasty, malty goodness.

Raspberry Chucktown Brown

Brown Ale - ABV 6.2%

We took our Flagship Chucktown Brown and added real raspberries to it.


German Wheat- ABV  5% 

Classic German Wheat; Smooth, unfiltered goodness.

Oatmeal Stout       

Stout- ABV  5.5% 

It’s a stout…… dark and full of flavor


Kettle Sour- ABV  4.6% 

Extra Spicy Kettle Sour beer

Nectar of the Galaxies

NEIPA - ABV 6.9%

Brewed with Galaxy and Citra hops.

Final Haze

NEIPA -  ABV  6.5% 

Smooth, juicy, three hop blend NEIPA 

Tangerine Final Haze

NEIPA- ABV  6.5% 

We took our local fave "Final Haze" and added sweet, sweet tangerines to it. 


Pale American Ale - ABV 4.8% - IBU 23.5 - SRM 3.7

Easy drinking and approachable, with just enough craftiness to make it good.

"Cherries Suck"

Kettle Sour

Orange, tangerine & vanilla sour that tastes like a orange cream bar.

"Oranges Suck"

Kettle Sour

Cherry and Graham Cracker Sour

Cranberry Sour

Kettle Sour

Fruity Kettle Sour made with Cranberries

Cream Ale

Cream Ale- ABV 5%

Light-Bodied, crisp Ale

Guest Taps

Wilson's Orchard Cherry Crush

Hard Cider - ABV 4.5%

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Craft N/A Beer

Verve Kombucha (N/A)

Jones Soda (NA)